We're A Responsible Energy Broker Providing Clear Disclosure On Our Fees & Charges

As energy consultants, we have access to over 30 energy suppliers each with a number of tariffs. We call these wholesale tariffs as these are not available directly from suppliers with prices changing daily.

We receive a fee from the selected energy supplier for the contract which your business enters into based on the uplift provided on your contract.

Utilities Online guarantee to beat any direct contract price with our fundamental business goal is to provide savings directly to you and will never recommend a tariff which is more expensive than going directly.

As an energy consultant, we pay a fee to access the wholesale market and are charged a fee for each quote we provide, including any contracts sent and submitted to suppliers [including those rejected].

These costs are now charged to you and is a risk that we take in processing a potential contract on your behalf. This means that we are at a loss if we are unable to provide you with a contract and in some cases, the commission we receive is equal or less than the cost of processing the contract. This means you are guaranteed to save money by using us.